The 12 Basic Swing Positions


The 12 Basic Swing Positions

1: Setup


2: Startup

The club stays in front of your hands at takeaway.


3: Nine O'Clock

The Club is parallel to the ground, on top of the toe line and parallel to the target line


4. Midpoint

Arms are horizontal and parallel to the ground. The club is on the swing plane at 12 O'Clock


5. Top

The club is parallel to the ground and the target line.


6. Midpoint Downswing

Downswing: the downswing is initiated with the hips, dropping the club under the shoulder.


7. Nine O'Clock Downswing

Feel the club reach parallel by driving the butt of the club to the left side.


8. Impact

Feel the hands in front of the club head with a forward shaft lean to avoid casting or flipping.


9. 1/3 Swivel

The hands are still ahead of the club shaft,


10. 2/3 Swivel

Arms cross over at this point to allow the club to release.


11: Full Swivel

Club is releasing


12: Finish

The hands finish high behind your head.


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching specializes on mechanics and recognizing a student’s unique physical characteristics and how they relate to an individual’s overall swing. With testing developed by the Titleist Performance Institute for Tour Professionals, I can recognize the body’s limitations surrounding flexibility, range of motion, and strength. This gives me a platform to address the necessary changes for optimal performance. I will design a personal workout, including a practice and play routine that will improve the swing and game of golfers of all levels.